whatever i’m fucking exhausted i’m so fucking exhausted i can’t even do this anymore like getting attached to people is literally killing me and this is junior year and i refuse to relapse like i did all of last year

i literally cannot feel like this again i’m done i’m done i’m done

i’m so mad though

i loved you so much and you just went away when i needed you the most and it’s like i don’t even matter to you when i know that we were best friends and you loved me just as much as i love you so why did it have to change

*insert whining about how much i miss and love kriti*

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I like keeping grenades in my pockets.  It’s okay, though, because I don’t pull off the pins.  That way I don’t give the personified grenades any power.

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>teenage actress’s private nudes get leaked

>teenage actress is reviled as a slut and a whore and a bad role model

>james franco asks a seventeen-year-old girl if he can meet her in a private hotel room

>james franco gets to go on saturday night live and joke about what a silly doofus he is for soliciting sex from a girl literally half his age


shut up eva don’t give me that look

From the 20 questions, number 1 :)
- Anonymous

Do you like anyone? If you do, give us a description.

There’s this dumb boy in my earth science class that i kind of like I guess?? it’s a very casual crush that will go absolutely nowhere but he makes me laugh and he’s so adorable and i look forward to seeing him because his good mood is so contagious that he makes my day 100% better

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ladies who should be playing mythical head bitches in charge | ASTRID BERGES-FRISBEY as ELAINE, the lily maid of astolat, who fell in love with lancelot du lac, and dying of unrequited love, floated down the thames to camelot.

The knight is young and quiet-eyed, and his hair is dark, flecked with auburn when the light falls from her windows just so. She leans forward, breath hovering in her throat, her fingers inches from the lines of his face. He is beautiful; a knight, she thinks. Oh, how she wished for a knight, how she wished to leave this tower, how she wished to be whisked away by a knight such as him. She had dreamed of a beautiful man to come and rescue her, and in her dreams he looked like this, exact. Be my knight, she wants to whisper, wants to imprint the words into his skin. The queen has her king; she has no need of you. Be my knight, she leans in close. Be mine.

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"i was born in the wrong century," the girl sighs as she imagines a future where women have full ownership of their own bodies

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Illustrations for Macbeth (1880-90), Luc-Olivier Merson

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